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We are trusted property portal providing buyers and sellers with a comfortable and comprehensive source of property, Dubai market trends and expert advice all at one place. This "other broker" was giving her the guilt trip that she needs the deal to pay her rent and was begging her to go through her rather than me. Imad Kassir- The Firm.

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Please add us to your address book to ensure that our emails don't get lost. Best deals real estate broker dubai style is reflective, purposeful If I had a penny for every time I had this discussion with an owner, then I would have enough to be able to quit real estate, hang up my three piece suit and sip cocktails on the balcony for the rest of my existence. Tolga Ertukel - Turkey Homes. Here is my emailI look forward to hearing from you.

The client did call me back and signed the contract through me. I also showed her one apartment which was a curve ball to give her a option totally outside her specifications. So I was in a slight dilemma and I was put in a very awkward situation.

Surprise surprise she absolutely loved the third apartment and offered the full asking price of the apartment the same day. She left feeling reassured and knowledgeable about the area. Is Antalya worth visiting?