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Dan McComas best online trading platform reddit he knows best online trading platform reddit better way of building communities online. McComas is the CEO and cofounder of Imzya social platform that wants to banish hate and harassment from the beginning. Sites like Reddit and Twitter struggle to curb abuse without sacrificing their ideals of openness and democratic rule.

Both services foster fresh, vibrant discussions. But any site that relies upon the wisdom of the crowd often finds the crowd turns into a mob. McComas has some relevant perspective on this. He led the product development team at Reddit until shortly after a site-wide revolt temporarily crippled the site last summer. McComas says Reddit fired him; the company did not respond to a request for comment.

After leaving Reddit, McComas thought deeply about community. He concluded that the best way to curb harassment is to build a diverse user base and community standards from the start. Otherwise, best online trading platform reddit easy for an abusive culture to become entrenched. But maintaining standards depends upon providing the tools to enforce them. McComas says you must be a member of one of Imzy's topic-based forums to post, and the site incentivizes quality and good behavior by allowing users to tip one another with real money.

Overall, Imzy has decided to trade a little openness for more control. The question is how many users will be willing to accept that trade. Since launching in private beta last month, Imzy has amassed 12, users and 1, topic-based forums or "communities. A "community leader" runs each community, exercising control over posts and seeking help from a dedicated support team when necessary.

New members don't see content at first. Instead, Imzy asks you to choose from several categories of interest, like books and writing, business, diversity, or politics.

Then you select specific communities that interest you. They populate your homepage feed, which resembles Facebook or Tumblr. According to McComas, community membership is key to quelling harassment. You must be a member to post to a particular forum, making drive-by trolling impossible.

But unlike Facebook, which requires you to post under your real name, Imzy lets users create profiles on a community-by-community basis. Community leaders have the latitude to determine if and how to allow anonymous posts. When leaders ban an anonymous user for abuse, the ban applies to the user's entire account—a move meant to limit the ability to return under a different alias.

The way Imzy looks at it, he says, all these identities are valid, but should be dictated by the contract between a user and the topic-based community they join. In a neighborhood forum, for example, it might be important that you disclose your identity as best online trading platform reddit resident. But in a forum for abuse victims, anonymity may be paramount. Commerce also features prominently on Imzy; McComas was the founder of the Redditgiftsa way to connect gift-givers and receivers via Reddit.

On Imzy, users can support each other, and their community leaders, with cash "tips. McComas says Imzy will take a percentage of these transactions to make money. He says Imzy is shunning ads because depending upon site traffic could force the company into decisions contrary to what's best for users. James Grimmelmann, a law professor at the University of Maryland, studies how technology shapes communities and says such an approach offers upsides—and downsides.

Avoiding advertising means not having to compromise your mission or best online trading platform reddit. But it also makes it harder to achieve the kind of scale that could give it best online trading platform reddit influence.

Still, he says, plenty of smaller online communities thrive serving niche interests, such as fan fiction and sports. McComas believes Imzy can grow while sticking to its standards. But ultimately, he says, the site won't prioritize scale over the health of its communities. The last decade is rife with best online trading platform reddit social networks. But if harassment abounds on successful platforms, how successful are they, really? Until someone finds a truly effective way of eliminating online abuse, the Internet will always have room to try creating a better social network.

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