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The confrontation of classical traditions of painting with taboo-breaking themes involving blood and violence has given ample grounds for appraisal and criticism alike. His works have been featured at numerous domestic and international shows, including the 2010 Liverpool Biennial, and he has had several solo exhibitions in venues such as the Trafo Gallery in Budapest, the CACT in Bellinzona, Switzerland, and the MOA Museum in Bunnik, the Netherlands.

So far, acb Gallery has organized two solo exhibitions for Csaba Kis Roka, and in 2015 we presented his works at a dedicated booth at the Viennacontemporary art fair. On the one hand, they were referred to in Hungary as Yugoslav colleagues in terms of their close relationship with the Hungarian avant-garde; on the other hand, their reception in Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav art history has focused mainly on their relation to Hungarian neo-avant-garde.

Thus, while most of its members have gained international fame as individual artists over the decades, the group itself has fallen into the position of double marginalization from an art historical perspective.