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The exchange is located in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Market offices are maintained in each country. The BRVM is entirely electronic. Agents sitting at workstations in their offices or desks located in national branch offices in WAEMU countries and brokerage firms can:.

The principles followed in establishing the BRVM satisfy the requirement for both compliance with international standards and adaptability to the WAEMU socioeconomic environment. Equal access to information and the management of investors day trading options ivory coast network access costs, regardless of the economic operator's location, are key drivers.

The exchange can be described as follows:. A centralized exchange driven by orders, that is, the price of a security is fixed by matching bid and ask orders collected before the quotation. Three weekly trading sessions with two fixings single price obtained by day trading options ivory coast bid with ask orders. These sessions will evolve rapidly towards daily sessions to implement:.

The mandatory section-debt instruments-is accessible to bond loans, of which the total number of securities issued is higher than 25, and has a face value of at least , CFA francs. It is a strategic long-term decision that requires excellent preparation.

A company seeking to be listed on the BRVM must satisfy the following conditions:. To apply for listing on the BRVM, the candidate company must mandate a brokerage firm to assist and advise it. Once the complete application has been received, the BRVM will day trading options ivory coast on the company's eligibility and send a copy of the application to the Regional Day trading options ivory coast of Public Saving and Financial Markets for the necessary notification.

The listed company has the following responsibilities:. For further information, please contact the BRVM, its national branch offices or a brokerage firm. The formula for the indexes takes into account market capitalization, transaction volume per session and transaction frequency. Only common shares are used to calculate the indexes.

The concept of liquidity also plays a key role in selecting day trading options ivory coast for the BRVM For each one, the average daily transaction volume in the three months preceding the quarterly review must not be less than the median daily transaction volume for all securities.

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