Etx capital binary options review 5 minute trades

The trading platform is quite simple to use and quick to load with the interface, allowing for a quick change from one type of binary options contract to another. Once you open a trade, the platform allows you to sell it back before the original expiry time. There are three different types of binary options: ETX Capital offers short trades from as little as 60 seconds and long-term trades up to one month.

There is a wide choice of forex, commodities, indices and shares available for trading in very short-term expiring contracts. In addition to the short-term expiring contracts, there are also 15 minute, hourly and daily options.

Longer term binary options are available for end of week or end of the month. The ETX Capital's binary options trading platform has a charting interface, but it is very limited, displaying only the mountain or area chart. There is no option to make use of any drawings or any indicators, which makes it limited in scope as far as any technical analysis is concerned.

You can trade a wide array of binary options contracts, spanning across forex, commodities, indices and shares. In total, there are about 24 forex currency pairs, 11 commodities, 9 international stock market indexes and 29 stocks from international exchanges. These apps are free to download and allow for easy trading directly from mobile devices.

Users can search for ETX Binary to download this app, which allows for quick navigation across assets and the ability to place and watch trades.

ETX Capital offers free binary demo accounts. To take advantage of this, you simply need to enter your details. Registration is quick and allows you instant access to the ETX binary trading platform.

Demo trading is quite useful if you want to give ETX Capital a try. It is a great way to become acquainted with the platform and understand how it works.

Opening a real account with ETX Capital is quick and simple. You need to enter a couple of details to open a binary account. All accounts need to be verified by supporting address proof and ID documents as s binary trading platform to place your trades. Given that the ETX Capital charting platform is not advanced, the best trading strategy is to conduct your technical analysis on a different charting platform and use ETX Capital's binary trading platform to place your trades.

A safe trading strategy is to stick to forex majors or some well-known stocks to trade end of day expiries to begin with. Withdrawals from an ETX Capital account are free for every client for the first five times during a calendar month. However, this is applicable only for amounts above USD.

The withdrawal approval usually takes a few hours; the fastest method is e-wallet. There is also an inactive fee that is charged per month. While binary options are yet to fall under the authority of the FCA, it is good to know the firm themselves comply due to the CFD element of the business.

The left hand side of the trading platform is the asset and options list. The lists are extensive, with all major FX pairs covered. Once the option and asset have been selected, the price graph will update on the right of the screen. The stake level is above the price graph, with preset buttons available to quicken the trading process. The Call and Put buttons are clear, with the strike price illustrated between the buttons.

The price graph will also show the current status of the trade, with either a blue in the money box or a red out of the money box highlighting the current direction of the trade. This can be used to cash in profitable positions, or to reduce loses on trades which have moved against the trade. Traders can login at any time to view their current positions and sell them if they want to. The range of assets is excellent and the option types are good — some additional expiry times within the long term range, and perhaps adding Ladder or boundary options, would mean ETX compete with the very best for trading choice.

The mobile app has been separated from the CFD trading app, to focus purely on binaries. Available on Android v3. All assets and trade types are on offer from the mobile platform, as are trade history and account management features.