Fair trading license check

The minimum level of qualification required is a Certificate IV in a relevant building course. The experience requirements are outlined on the same Fair Trading website page as the approved qualifications at http: Applicants must show at least 2 years relevant industry experience in a wide range of building construction work where the majority of the experience was obtained within 10 years of the date on which the application is made.

The applicant must have gained their experience while under the supervision of a licenced builder, either as an employee or in certain circumstances as a contractor.

The applicant must also have been paid by the licenced builder while gaining the experience. The applicant must have experience:. Experience must be supported by a Referees Statement verifying that the experience was undertaken while under the supervision of a licenced builder.

As a general guideline Fair Trading take the following approach in determining whether experience is acceptable. Fair Trading will usually make inquiries to determine whether there was a development application at the site where the experience is claimed.

In addition Fair Trading may determine when the DA commenced and finished so that they can verify the dates on the application form are correct. Fair Trading may also contact the referee to verify the dates and type of experience claimed.

It is important to precisely identify the dates on when the experience was gained. A general start to finish date for the project will not suffice, especially where two or more jobs may have been underway during the same period, or the applicant was not at the site for the whole period of the project.

Once the application forms are completed the application can be lodged with Fair Trading for assessment along with the required fee. The Fair Trading website states that applications will be assessed within 30 days however an applicant should be prepared for the assessment to take longer as the process can take up to 3 months.

Fair Trading may contact the applicant for additional information. If the application is denied then an applicant has 28 days within which to lodge a request with Fair Trading for a review. At this stage further evidence can be submitted to address any shortfalls Fair Trading raised in their reasons for the denial.

If the application to Fair Trading for a review is unsuccessful then the applicant may make an application to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a further review within 28 days.

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