Gcc e-options brokerage

Passing -M to the driver implies -E gcc e-options brokerage, and suppresses warnings with an implicit -w. Macros it defines remain defined. This can be used to change an absolute path to a relative path by using. Enable generation of linemarkers in the preprocessor output that let the compiler know the current working directory at the time of preprocessing. If it is, the driver uses its argument but with a suffix gcc e-options brokerage.

Do not discard comments. By default, GCC ignores trigraphs, but gcc e-options brokerage standard-conforming modes it converts them. When used from CPP or with -Eit dumps debugging information about location maps. It is switched on by -save-temps.

The rule has no commands. See Developer Optionsfor more information. This helps the preprocessor report correct column numbers in warnings or errors, even if tabs appear on the line. You gcc e-options brokerage use -Wp, option to bypass the compiler driver and pass option directly through to the preprocessor.

Set the distance between tab gcc e-options brokerage. The flags documented here are those relevant to the preprocessor. This option instructs CPP to add a phony target for each dependency other than the main file, causing each to depend on nothing. Inhibit generation of linemarkers in the output from the preprocessor. The result is the target.

You should use this option consistently for both compilation and linking. Cancel any previous definition of nameeither built in or provided with a -D option. Other letters are interpreted by the compiler proper, gcc e-options brokerage reserved for future versions of GCC, and so are silently ignored. This option instructs CPP to add a phony target for each dependency other than the main file, causing each gcc e-options brokerage depend on nothing. Support ISO C trigraphs.

In gcc e-options brokerage mode all tokens resulting from the expansion of an argument of a function-like macro have the same location. Process file as if include "file" appeared as the first line of the primary source file. If you use -dM without the -E option, -dM is interpreted as a synonym for -fdump-rtl-mach.

Pass option as an gcc e-options brokerage to the preprocessor. Exactly like -includeexcept that any output produced by scanning file is thrown away. This option is implicitly enabled if debugging information is enabled, but this can be inhibited with the negated form -fno-working-directory.