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Drift into blue squad and subscribe! For this video, we go over what it was like having an horsepower Toyota Supra in my possession for a little while, having a hard time starting the car with E85 fuel, doing a few more pulls, and finally returning the car to it's rightful owner Essa.

This was such an amazing experience with this car that I will never forget. Last video we talked in depth of how I ended up having this Toyota Supra for 36 dollars for a period of time - now it's time for a full review of it!

The owner Essa, told me to not baby the car at all and to enjoy it as much as I wanted. This video - we live up to his offer and talk about the performance and specs of the car. Follow me on Instagram: Bleach is pretty awesome, but can it keep a vehicle running instead of gas? Time to find out. Follow me on my vlogging channel 'VisioRacer Vlogs'.

Well you guys asked for it so I did it. Slade is no stranger to the Footwork either, having driven it in our Race to the City film. Fellow film star Josh Kean will be in the FA15, and both drivers will be determined to claim bragging rights.

The contest will be a roll race, a form of drag race that begins with the two cars driving side by side at low speed before being flagged to start. We have no idea. Statistics at a glance: Ford Cosworth DFR 3. Be sure to check out the Adelaide Motorsport Festival next weekend December 9th if you're local!

Follow me on my vlogging channel 'VisioRacer Vlogs'. In this video you see Francesco Conti's drift-weapon in action on the track. Video includes some onboard drifting scenes of him driving around Varano de' Melegari circuit.

Follow me also on: It was driving on the streets of Monaco, Monte Carlo and it did some crazy revs and acceleration on the street.

When he did the revs the alarm goes of from the Shelby Pick Up! I hope you will enjoy the video Feel free to hit the 'thumbs up' button if you like the video! Make sure that you follow me on YouTube and subscribe to my supercar channel for the latest videos! So our show down didn't go quite the way we had hoped, but we made best with what we had at our disposal. With WTF86 smashing it's left hand drive shaft to bits and no time to repair it, we needed to find another car to run against the Footworks Arrows F1 car A few minutes later we had strapped Todd Hazelwood, an upcoming professional racing driver for the Australian Supercar series, into the driver's seat of Matt's incredibly fast time attack GTR.

Even though the R34 had substantially less horsepower and much less torque than the 86, with all-wheel-drive, we hoped the additional traction would make up for the lack of horsepower.

Billet block RB26 stroked to 2. But as they say, that's racing! Still, the end result was a seriously cool spectacle, one which is unlikely to ever be repeated again! This competition was a collaborative effort thanks to Caradvice and Adelaide Motorsport Festival, so a HUGE thanks to them both for making this happen! Be sure to subscribe to Caradvice, and if you're in Australia - come to Adelaide Motorsport Festival next year, with any luck the 86 may finally get it's day on the track, with more power to race that F1 car: P Drone footage thanks to Pixels With Attitude https: I was told that the car is first sprayed with 15 layers of their etching paint.

Each line was then hand carved into the body with a final coat of the chrome on top.