Leaps trading strategies pdf

I have outlined a few of those in the list below:. The LEAPS contract is cheaper than the underlying stock and that increases your leverage and potential profits. Because the LEAPS contract is cheaper you have less risk in absolute dollar terms than holding the underlying stock. Using it on index options with European style expiration eliminates the slight possibility of early exercise.

Balance the risks and benefits to decide whether this strategy works for you and to help you decide the best way to implement it within your portfolio. As we release this series of articles I will use a case study to illustrate the concepts. Repeat the steps in the case study on an option of your choice in a paper trade. Repeating the method yourself will help you understand the strategy and remember how it works. In the second part of this article on selling covered calls against LEAPS or diagonal spreads I will begin walking through the entry process with a case study.

The numbers and real life scenario should help you understand how these trades work and why they are attractive but if you really want to remember the information you should paper trade it a few times yourself. Going through the process by hand will help you remember the process. In the case study I will use an index option with European style expiration. This solves the problem of early exercise that I mentioned in the first part above.

Because European style options can only be exercised at expiration and not before. First, we need to buy the long term option at least a year out before expiration. In the case study this means buying the December calls. The long term options purchased can be very far in the money if you wish, but I typically suggest buying one strike price in the money.

In my experience, buying a far in the money long term call does not materially impact returns compared to a call that is very near to the at the money strike price.

What is important however, is that in the next step you sell a short term call with a strike price ABOVE or further out of the money than the call you bought. Of course, risk and time value will eat away at that best case scenario. At this point the trade looks very similar to a covered call. The long term option takes the place of the long stock and protects against the unlimited losses that may occur with a short option alone.

When LEAPS were first introduced in , they were derivative instruments solely for stocks ; however, more recently, equivalent instruments for indices have become available. LEAPS are often used as a risk reduction tool by investors. The owner of the stock essentially creates the LEAP. The result at the expiry of the LEAP can be determined from its exercise price. LEAPs are written for a wide variety of exercise prices. If the close is higher than the exercise price, the LEAP typically will automatically be exercised by the broker.

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