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Whatever Bitsquare is doing, there may still be a leak despite ticking the box above. Netstat shows Bitsquare is connecting directly to an external IP address. Bitsquare —banList Nodes to exclude from network connections.

BitcoinJ is not by default routed over Tor as it needs more dev work to get it more stable. The only clear-net connection is the Poloniex price feed requests because Cloudflare prevents Tor usage here.

You can set a proxy though by program arg if you want. I appreciate all the feedback. Non-cloudflare price quoting sites are easier to find than exchange sites. Is there a particular reason why bitsquare needs Poloniex? Poloniex is one of the biggest exchanges and as we use the price feed for defining the trade price in case the percentage based price is used a price feed with low volume would carry higher risks. When bitcoin was introduced there was a significant price variance between all the exchanges at any given moment, making it possible for someone to exploit these differences.

Until then, can you explain what would happen if someone were to build their own bitsquare client that goes elsewhere for price quoting? Would buyers potentially see absolute quotes that are not mutually pinned to the same market data? Also, is there risk that Poloniex downtime degrades the availability of service to bitsquare. I would rather have a quoting engine that obtains quotes from a variety of non-Cloudflare sources, and computes a weighted average based on trading volumes.

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