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There is a key best practise at stake here, which I believe becomes even more significant when you put the FIM Portal into the mix:. In an ideal situation you will project each person only once from your source data. Changes to contract, enrollment etc would be treated simply as attribute updates to the core Metaverse object, which remains the same. If your source data lists people multiple times, as in my examples above, you might do some automated manipulation prior to presenting the data to the Sync Service — selecting the best representation of each person and merging data where appropriate.

Then you can have a nice one-to-one relationship between your projectoin source and your Metaverse. This was my problem. In the case of the Opzioni binarie 60 secondi 1 euro equals database contract records, the local IT only had access to the contract number. But for us, centrally, looking to automate moves and changes across the organisation, we needed a way to link those seperate contract numbers to one individual.

At first, and against my better judgement, we started off projecting the contracts into opzioni binarie 60 secondi 1 euro equals Metaverse as seperate people.

I was assured that, when people moved jobs, opzioni binarie 60 secondi 1 euro equals their old accounts were deleted including opzioni binarie 60 secondi 1 euro equals mailbox. Pretty quickly this turned out to be not the case at all, and I started with the messy gymnastics needed to reconnect existing accounts to the newer better contract in the Metaverse, without actually deleting anything.

Clearly a unique identifier is needed for both persons and contracts. Once the data was seperated I created different MAs for persons and contracts. The big problem here is that you want to flow data into the metaverse from the Contracts MA. The IAF rules are then very simple. But, unless you can block all except one contract per person using Connector Filters, you may find this tricky to achieve.

Additionally, the only other connector space objects accessible during this sync operation are those that can be found by following joins. This essentially means I can only figure out if the current CS object is really the best choice if all possible contracts are joined to the Metaverse person at the same time. While my IAF rules are now more complex, there have been definite advantages opzioni binarie 60 secondi 1 euro equals this approach.

The non-preferred contracts are still accessible from the Metaverse object and this has allowed us to more easily identify errors in the source data. Sometimes we have forced a particular contract to be preferred by disconnecting the currently preferred contract and syncing another one. There is also the benefit of having some information as opposed to none.

If I was, for example, blocking all expired contracts from entering the connector space in the first place I would be losing valuable deprovisioning information. If the best pick contract for opzioni binarie 60 secondi 1 euro equals person is an expired one, I still want to see it. I have tried out two different ways of blocking IAFs. In an effort to avoid the double-sync I have started using another method where I run my comparison tests above the Case statement, and then set a Utils.

TransactionProperties to show the test opzioni binarie 60 secondi 1 euro equals run. Subscribe in a reader. Build Export Menu MiisApp. Private Sub InsertDeltaObjects vbscript: Hello World script TechEd Demo 2: Script using WorkflowData Teched Demo 3: In an ideal situation There is a key best practise at stake here, which I believe becomes even more significant when you put the FIM Portal into the mix: Each individual should only be represented once in the Metaverse.

But what if you need access to those individual contracts? Step One in solving data source MPD: My persons have the following basic information: My contracts must include the personID so I can join them correctly: But what about the Import Flows? Why not just join one contract at a time? I let the multiple contracts be joined to the Metaverse person, but I only allow import flows from one of the contracts.

If this one is better I replace the contract number on the Metaverse object. Flow Blocking Method 1: Value Whatever comparisons you need to do to see if this contract is preferable to the values already imported to the Metaverse object. If it's better, replace the contractID. Value If csentry "otherAttribute". IsPresent Then mventry "otherAttribute". Value Else mventry "otherAttribute". The First Touch In an effort to avoid the double-sync I have started using another method where I run my comparison tests above the Case statement, and then set a Utils.

TransactionProperties flag will ensure this test is made only at the start of sync'ing the CS object. I set this to the contractID to avoid unexpected behaviour following a disconnection. Posted by Carol on Monday, November 22,at 8: Follow any responses to this post with its comments RSS feed.

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