Serial and binary search program in c#net

Let me know if you want some more similar tutorials or have any questions. Hi, thanks for noticing. Hi Phil, I am not sure what is your actually question is. I have modified it. But, if you have something else question, please explain. I very much appreciate your catch. I just added that class definition as well. Can you make a tutorial or guid me to writing device drivers for serial port devices?

You mean you want to write driver software for serial port accessible devices? If so, you must need to have the command set that the device accepts and what it replies in response.

If you got that, you can even use this article to send and receive data. Is it a Placeholder or a Proper. That is simply a constant where you will have to mention your target object name. There could be, for sure.

You can try with this solution, this might help: How can I send binary file to the GPS device via serial port communication, want to update firmware of device using C.. Please give me any code if you have for this.

Does it need all ping or which pings need mainly to receive and send data from computer and other device. Its always wise to make connection on demand when needed always without unnecessarily keeping a connection open, unless some exceptional cases.

Hi i have a problem with communicating with a serial scale. If i use ReadLine i get no values, but if i use ReadExisting i get a constant string for e. I have problem, it seems like i have nothing to read, it is always stuck here while SerialObj. Write takes either a string or a buffer of data. Length ; i basicaly send 12 or like this values on microcontroller but at recieving side i cant recieve respective value so plz guide me. I want to write a program in c that print papers with Olivetti pr4sl slip printer.

Please help me how i can do. Sandip Shinde NetSolution Technogies. Binary search is efficient for larger array. In this we check the middle element. If the value is bigger that what we are looking for, then look in the first half;otherwise,look in the second half.

Repeat this until the desired item is found. The table must be sorted for binary search. It eliminates half the data at each iteration. If we have elements to search, binary search takes about 10 steps, linear search steps.

Binary Search finds the middle element of the array. Checks that middle value is greater or lower than the search value. If it is smaller, it gets the left side of the array and finds the middle element of that part. If it is greater, gets the right part of the array. It loops the operation until it finds the searched value. Or if there is no value in the array finishes the search. Also you can see visualized information about Linear and Binary Search here: Thank you for your interest in this question.

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What is the difference between Linear search and Binary search? Bill the Lizard k Please read the appropriate sections in your course material which, has hopefully, been selected and prepared by your instructor s. Failing that, a general wikipedia, c2 or google search can answer may of these sort of questions. A linear search would ask: The binary search would ask: Binary search requires the input data to be sorted; linear search doesn't Binary search requires an ordering comparison; linear search only requires equality comparisons Binary search has complexity O log n ; linear search has complexity O n as discussed earlier Binary search requires random access to the data; linear search only requires sequential access this can be very important - it means a linear search can stream data of arbitrary size.

Jon Skeet k A better analogy would be the "guess my number between 1 and game" with responses of "you got it", "too high", or "too low". The dictionary analogy seems fine to me, though it's a better match for interpolation search. Dictionary analogy is better for me Apr 4 '14 at With dictionary approach, the take away is sorting. So the importantly you must make sure the data is sorted before the binary search is started.

If not you will be jumping all over the oceans without finding the value: If you do not mark the already tried ones, this can become worse. So always do the sorting. Some Java based binary search implementation is found here digizol. Yes, the requirement that the input data is sorted is my first bullet point Mia Clarke 6, 3 41 I would like to add one difference- For linear search values need not to be sorted.

But for binary search the values must be in sorted order. Pick a random name "Lastname, Firstname" and look it up in your phonebook. Time both methods and report back!