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Concering reactor physics, much attention is paid to the evaluation accuracy of effective multification factor in complicated geometries and the measurement technique of deep subcriticality. The second consists of several perforated tubes inserted horizontally into the core connected to external tanks containing gadolinium nitrate neutronabsorber dissolved in heavy water. The Lithium sphere of cm dia. Analysis can be subdivided including analysis in code comparison of experiments on aerosol 4. Thermal data suitable for the production of Westcott parameters have been produced for materialsl4.

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Extensive research was focussed on ayntheaizing reactor noise signals with a digital reactor simulator [4,5]. Summarising the results the code system GAMTEREX can be ascribed high accuracy when used for the prediction of criticality and neutron flux distributions in pebble bed arrangements. In the performed of frame in of the coolability of bed with internal in September the superphenix the European BR2 reactor an initially heat Besides of a series of the code has comparisons with equivalent DOT calculations, been applied to criticality studies in fuel disolvers. The colour graphics display has aroused such interest in the CEGB who are now adapting the code to run on their own database system as a tool for station operators.

In the experimental aspect, interest is concentrated in the Examinations of the measurement of highly sub-critical system. Partklpatlon of the JRC in the LACE to be supported prolect LACE project investigates, in large simulating a PWR containment, the thermohydraulic behaviour under severe act ident conditions containment failure to isolate bmaaadepreseur ization condition5 are considered. The calculations are based on individual subassembly material number densities calculated and stored as part of the routine operational support calculations.

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