Trade btc for bch

In this post I want to share my experience trading Bitcoin, and some other cryptos through a company called plus First I will disclose that I am a plus affiliate , so I won't pretend that incentive's not there. I am also an affiliate with 3 other competitors who I've chosen not to actively recommend because in all honest plus is the best one. I was a customer before I became an affiliate and was sharing my positive experiences with friends back then too.

This means that Plus is fully regulated and your funds are protected by the same legislation that applies to stock markets and other traditional investments. This means that they are legally required to provide fully audited financials. This gives us the impression that Plus is a trustworthy company. What I'm getting at here is that I trust plus with my funds. I have only recently started trading cryptocurrencies with them, but have been trading fiat foreign exchange with them for almost 5 years.

My experience with them has been that they are an excellent trading platform. I have tried a few competitors along the way but none of them have managed to replace plus as my main trading account. I like that their platform is fast and easy to navigate, you never waste time trying to figure out how to place a trade. You can trade from your phone just as easily- I've used both the ios and Android apps, nothing takes more than a few intuitive touches. These are derivative investments which enable individuals to gain leveraged exposure, to several markets including stocks, commodities, forex and cryptocurrencies.

The use of leverage creates a substantial increase in financial risk, and for this reason, it's important to understand that your funds are at risk, you should never deposit more than you can afford to lose. Market Exposure - Despite being located in Australia, I can easily invest in international shares, commodities, foreign exchange and a whole lot of other markets, including Bitcoin.

Investing directly into these markets as an individual, would be very difficult, specially if they are overseas or require large sums to open an account. Leverage yes it does make it more risky but it's also an advantage - The borrowing side of CFDs is very similar to how a margin loan works.

You need to put in some of your own money, then plus will let you borrow to magnify the amount you can invest by a 'leverage ratio'. The effects of leverage on your returns is shown in the table below: The cryptocurrencies available on plus and their leverage ratios are shown in the table below: Bitcoin has a leverage ratio of 1: This means that your returns will be magnified by the same ratio.

I'll try and explain that in more detail with an example. Let's say we have opened a free account and qualified for the bonus currently available if you sign up from Australia. There is also an unrestricted free demo account so you could also test your trading with hypothetical funds. The first thing we'd do to place a trade is look at the Bitcoin CFD shown in the screenshot below: Look at the two big boxes with prices in them. The one on the left has the word 'short' in it and the one on the right has 'buy'.

Opening trades is as easy as pressing one of these two buttons. A short trade means you are selling. A long trade means you are buying.

In our example, let's assume that we think the price will move up in the next few hours so we want to buy Bitcoin. We'd press the buy button to open a long trade and would get the following screen: Here we can decide how much to invest in the trade. As we can see it has started off with 0.

This is the minimum trade size for the Bitcoin CFD. We then see that 0. All we need to do now is press the big blue buy button, and in a few seconds our trade will be open. The system will take you back your dashboard where you should be able to easily see the open trade. Here's what it will look like from the webtrader. You can see that under Bitcoin there is an open trade.

Your profit or loss is measured as the difference between the price you opened your trade and the current cost to instantly close it. Your trades will always open at a slight loss. The reason for the instant loss is the market spread, or the difference between the short price and the buy price.

This spread is how plus makes their money, there is no other upfront brokerage charged. The only other fees you might incur is a holding premium. This is like interest charged on the funds you have borrowed. It is only charged once a day.

The Bitcoin CFD shows us that the premium is 0. If we have a Bitcoin trade open at 6: It doesn't matter if the trade has been open for 24 hours or for 1 minute, you will be charged the same fee on all open Bitcoin CFDs at 6: This means that you can always see exactly how much you have made or lost on your open trades.

When you close a trade, then there are no surprise additional fees. If you had more funds on deposit and wanted to trade a larger amount, this is also an option. However you can only invest in units of 0. It's tempting to invest as much as possible, but we recommend trying to keep some spare funds available. On the right you see the estimated BCC rate at the current moment. Specify your BCC address to which we should send the coins.

Choose the best cryptocurrency wallet for you. Carefully check the amount, address and the rest. Now you should send your BTC to our address below. Go to your BTC wallet and paste the address into the corresponding field. Wait until the magic happens. Usually it takes up to 30 minutes. Yet, there might be delays since BCC blocks run pretty slow. Just wait it out. You can always check the transaction in the Bitcoin Cash block explorer.

You really have a great service that provides real benefits over exchanges and a unique twist from shapeshift. Although the credit cards that part makes me nervous, I know it is good for customers but it is also good for customers to get creative and start earning crypto too. I hope your able to focus all your time on crypto and stay out of the dinosaur criminal banking system they shouldn't get any fees from us at all. Thank you for the kind words James.

The credit card rates are set by our partner that provides bank card support. We are working on partnering with more services in this field. We are convinced that soon Changelly will provide quite profitable fiat rates. Hey, i didnt know how else to contact you guys but yesterday i accidentally transfered